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Resourcing Spreadsheet


We created a free and simple resourcing spreadsheet to share our process with other growing dev shops and agencies. It is a simplified version of what we used every day at Revelry before building Kickoff.

A spreadsheet very similar to this has helped us scale over the years and we hope you find it useful.

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The Who What When of Things

Resourcing is moving from whiteboard to the scripts. Models and processes are manifesting themselves. This internal project is becoming a full-bodied application.

As this hefty new feature set starts to materialize, we’d like to take a moment and say thanks for the feedback.

We are making Kickoff for ourselves and like-minded businesses, so we’ve kept our ears to the ground. Our demos have produced some invaluable notes. We believe that feedback driven software development is a uniquely powerful approach to application design. Only the end user can see what features truly make his or her life easier. Only the end user can trim the fat without bias.

This mindset drives the development of Kickoff. We are focused on creating a richly customizable experience that solves our mutual problems simply. The insight our live demos has yielded is proving to be handy leverage in crafting such an experience.

It’s all coming together. Here at Revelry, Kickoff has officially been introduced into our workflow. We have on-boarded two new clients through Kickoff, two meaty new projects for our Dev Shop closed through our own application. This is getting real fun.

So, thank you. Kickoff is our tool. We’re all making it together. If you haven’t done so already, come join in!

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First Demos

Yesterday we did our first live demos of Kickoff and got some great feedback. We’re audio recording all our demos so we can compare notes on what people are looking for. The first demos involved showing a little of the actual product, a few mockups, and lots of questions on the ins and outs of how people tackle resourcing and proposals at their dev shops and design agencies.

First Demos

Another few demos and we’ll have a clearer understanding of the most urgent feature needs across the board. Want a demo of your own? Hit us up!

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Progress Update

Revelry is launching its first product. It is called Kickoff, and we’re building it for ourselves and companies like ours. You’re invited to follow along with our progress and what is coming next.

Eating Our Own Dogfood

The proposal generation portion of Kickoff is ready and we’re starting to use it with our own customers. Revelry is bringing on new customers every week, so there will be plenty of testing on this during our next few sprints. Right now Dwolla is the only payment option, but in the next few weeks we want to add a Stripe integration too.

Due to Revelry’s growth (3 new hires in the last 4 weeks!), we’ve been able to add Harley to the Kickoff team full time. This will really help us accelerate the completion of new features and push the product forward. We have 5 people involved in the project at some capacity right now.

Talking to customers

While the market size for service businesses that could use a tool like Kickoff is huge, we’re focusing on companies like ours first. We’ve spoken with a few dozen dev shops and design agencies about what we’re working on, and gotten some feedback via this survey. Our goal is to talk to 100 potential customers prior to the public launch of Kickoff. We’re shooting for January 2016.

Creating Content

In order to properly tell our story and document our processes, we launched and you can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook. We are going to post regular updates like this one let you know what we’re working on and issues that pop up along the way. We’re hoping that sharing our progress will not only keep our team focused, but document the process for other companies wanting to launch their own products. We’ll continue to have short weekly updates like these so you can follow along as we finish new features and get closer to launch.

Whats Next?

First Demos

Product feedback is important, so actually being able to show your customers what you’re working on ensures the best possible product/market fit prior to launch. This week we’re doing our first demos of Kickoff to potential customers. Want to see it? This will be the first time that we’ve let people outside of Revelry take a look at what we’ve been working on.

Beta Customers

We’ve decided to offer a few beta licenses at a huge discount to companies that want to be early adopters. This will be a core group of users for Kickoff to drive feature requests and provide feedback. This core group will have access to new features in Kickoff before anyone, and their input will be invaluable. Interested in being one of those first beta customers?

We’ll keep you updated as things move forward. Our next post will dive a bit further into the features of Kickoff, and maybe have a few screenshots if we’re lucky.

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Kicking Off

We build business workflow products all the time. Now we’re building one for ourselves (and maybe you), and you’re invited to follow along and help us make it if you want.

What’s the story?

If you’re like us (a rapidly growing services company), you’re so busy doing client work that it’s hard to change directions and make time to do the admin work needed to get new clients up and running. Proposals shouldn’t be so painful. We wanted to take our hand-rolled methods (spreadsheets and white boards and reusing old proposal documents) and make a simple, smooth new customer flow.

What finally got us off the dime?

A new customer intake meeting went so well that the client slapped a credit card on the table and said: “When can you start?” We looked at each other. Uhhhhh. Let us figure it out and get back to you.

We knew we had to build Kickoff so we can move at the pace of our customers and keep up with the dramatic growth we have going.

What problems are we trying to solve?

We want to start new projects faster and without all the time-consuming homework we’ve had to redo each time. The same basic questions pop up anytime you have a good project fit and want to start figuring out staffing, costs, availability, start dates. You probably work through a similar list yourself when trying to get a new client going.

Which team members are available?

Which available team members have the right skills for this project?

What’s the cost for those team members at the margins we need to make?

When can we start? Is everyone available for the duration?

Are there holidays or vacations within this time period?

How can we speed up the actual creation of the proposal itself?

How can make it simpler for clients to review a proposal and accept it?

What’s the easiest way we can take a deposit, book a team and schedule a kickoff meeting?

So when can you use it for your services company?

We are using Kickoff now to start our new projects, and we’re looking for companies like ours to take a look and give us feedback. If you’d like to be one of our beta testers, you can leave your email at the form on the top or, even better, fill out the survey at the link in the footer.

We’re also going to be blogging about our progress, so you can follow along here to track things.

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It's getting real. New logo options from Laura. so good.

Logo Evolution

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