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Kicking Off

We build business workflow products all the time. Now we’re building one for ourselves (and maybe you), and you’re invited to follow along and help us make it if you want.

What’s the story?

If you’re like us (a rapidly growing services company), you’re so busy doing client work that it’s hard to change directions and make time to do the admin work needed to get new clients up and running. Proposals shouldn’t be so painful. We wanted to take our hand-rolled methods (spreadsheets and white boards and reusing old proposal documents) and make a simple, smooth new customer flow.

What finally got us off the dime?

A new customer intake meeting went so well that the client slapped a credit card on the table and said: “When can you start?” We looked at each other. Uhhhhh. Let us figure it out and get back to you.

We knew we had to build Kickoff so we can move at the pace of our customers and keep up with the dramatic growth we have going.

What problems are we trying to solve?

We want to start new projects faster and without all the time-consuming homework we’ve had to redo each time. The same basic questions pop up anytime you have a good project fit and want to start figuring out staffing, costs, availability, start dates. You probably work through a similar list yourself when trying to get a new client going.

Which team members are available?

Which available team members have the right skills for this project?

What’s the cost for those team members at the margins we need to make?

When can we start? Is everyone available for the duration?

Are there holidays or vacations within this time period?

How can we speed up the actual creation of the proposal itself?

How can make it simpler for clients to review a proposal and accept it?

What’s the easiest way we can take a deposit, book a team and schedule a kickoff meeting?

So when can you use it for your services company?

We are using Kickoff now to start our new projects, and we’re looking for companies like ours to take a look and give us feedback. If you’d like to be one of our beta testers, you can leave your email at the form on the top or, even better, fill out the survey at the link in the footer.

We’re also going to be blogging about our progress, so you can follow along here to track things.

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