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The Who What When of Things

Resourcing is moving from whiteboard to the scripts. Models and processes are manifesting themselves. This internal project is becoming a full-bodied application.

As this hefty new feature set starts to materialize, we’d like to take a moment and say thanks for the feedback.

We are making Kickoff for ourselves and like-minded businesses, so we’ve kept our ears to the ground. Our demos have produced some invaluable notes. We believe that feedback driven software development is a uniquely powerful approach to application design. Only the end user can see what features truly make his or her life easier. Only the end user can trim the fat without bias.

This mindset drives the development of Kickoff. We are focused on creating a richly customizable experience that solves our mutual problems simply. The insight our live demos has yielded is proving to be handy leverage in crafting such an experience.

It’s all coming together. Here at Revelry, Kickoff has officially been introduced into our workflow. We have on-boarded two new clients through Kickoff, two meaty new projects for our Dev Shop closed through our own application. This is getting real fun.

So, thank you. Kickoff is our tool. We’re all making it together. If you haven’t done so already, come join in!

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